04 December 2017

Three Fab Clay Face Masks for Oily/Blemish Prone Skin

Is your skin acting the maggot this weather? If you're dealing with congestion, blemishes or excess oil, then a good clay mask is your only man.

I find these three great for drawing out impurities, calming breakouts and leaving my skin both looking and feeling fresher and more balanced. With each, I exfoliate first, leave for about 10 minutes and remove with a flannel cloth, before finishing up with toner and moisturiser.

ONE: Origins Clear Improvements Active Charcoal Mask

An old reliable, I count on this to draw out all the nasties and keep breakouts at bay. With active charcoal - from which it gets its colour - and white clay, this does a great job at clearing out clogged pores while dissolving dirt and oil. My one bugbear is that the price keeps rising - it was about €25 when I first bought it a few years back but it's now pushing €30 -you'll find it in Arnotts or Boots (including boots.ie).

TWO: Seavite Purifying and Detoxifying Mask

Seavite is a lovely Irish organic, seaweed-based skincare brand that is brilliant for sensitive skin. This mask is no different: both fragrance and colour free, it draws its mint green colour from the seaweed and clay within. It leaves my skin soft and smooth while fighting oil and spots. Plus, at just €14, it's also a bit of a bargain - find it online here. 

THREE: VOYA Get Glowing Illuminating Clay Mask 

If your skin is oily but also dehydrated, then VOYA's new marine clay mask is a brilliant pick. Another homegrown brand using nutrient-rich organic seaweed, this does two jobs in one: drawing out impurities while brightening the complexion. Unlike the other two, this never fully sets - if you hate the tight sensation of a traditional clay mask, this is the one for you. It smells lovely thanks to the rosemary and patchouli in the mix; it's €38 and you'll find it online or in selected spas.

Do you have any favourites of your own? Do share them in the comments!
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