12 October 2017

Rimmel Magnif'eyes Eyeshadow Palettes: Now Bigger, But Are They Better?

We welcomed the eight-pan Magnif’eyes palettes into our lives – and our makeup bags – with open arms (check out our full review). So news of these bigger, 12-colour eyeshadow sets got our attention straight off the bat. But bigger doesn’t always mean better, so how do these newbies perform?

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. I haven’t been overwhelmed with the Smoke Edition palette (I really wanted to trial the Nude Edition, but Allsún was quicker on the day we divvied them out!). It’s not really the fault of the palette: the more dramatic shade offering here just isn’t as versatile as I’d like, and much of that has to do with my advancing years.

If you’re a young ‘un who loves being out-out, you should probably give this a whirl because you’ll get a grand night-time smokey eye. I’m now a boring old lady who cares more about products that will last me a whole eight-hour work day (and then some). I found these colours creased on me without a primer and didn’t last as long as I wanted. 

Rimmel Magnifeyes Nude Edition Eyeshadow Review Photos

Allsún had much more success, though.

“Emma cried when I snagged Nude Edition, but I’m a blonde with blue eyes, and nudes are my bag. Soz babe but your tears were worth it because I am loving these shades! They range from a very light cream to the darkest chocolate brown, and they all work perfectly together. Of the 12 colours, four are matte and eight are shimmer which I think is a good mix. They’re highly pigmented with a silky formula and I find them great for everyday use, being easy to apply, crease free and long-lasting.

There’s a four-step guide on the back of the box which I actually found quite handy. It would be handier still if this was on the inside of the palette, so you could follow the instructions while the palette’s in use.  And there’s a little bit of fallout so remember to tap off any excess product before you apply it.  But overall I’m really pleased. I love this for travel and I’ll be treating myself to the blush palette next – depending of course on Emily’s review.”

The pressure! So what did Emily make of the Blush Edition?

Rimmel Magnifeyes Blush Edition Eyeshadow Review Swatches

"I love playing with softer eyeshadow colours so while they duked it out over the nude palette, I quietly grabbed the Blush Edition.
The first time I used this palette I was in a hurry and was lashing the make-up onto my face (while being rushed by himself!) In my haste I wasn’t expecting much but the texture is blendable, buildable and easy to work with. I was pleasantly surprised and have been each time I've used it since.
As the name might suggest, the colours are all in the rosey-pink, copper and brown family with one particularly pretty peach. It’s reminiscent of the Naked 3 palette without being an obvious copy (something we’ve tried and tested here before).
It’s not without its downsides: as Allsún said, there’s quite a bit of fall-out and the packaging is nothing to write home about but if you’re looking to try some rose-coloured eyeshadows while getting serious bank for your buck, look no further. Except for you Allsún, you look away, I’m keeping this one!”
So tell us, would you go to battle over any of these palettes?

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