06 October 2017

Penneys PS Highlighters in Brunch Club, Mink Pink, Peachin' and Gold Digger

Primark Penneys PS Beauty highlighter trio review

Penneys/Primark is seriously raising the stakes, but not the prices, with its own-brand beauty bits. With everything from practical beauty tools to face gems and mermaid kits, the PS beauty range is massive and, if we’re honest, a little overwhelming. If you’re wondering where to start, might we suggest the highlighters? There are four pretty shades to choose from: Brunch Club, Mink Pink, Peachin' and Gold Digger, each of which are a not-very-big €3.50 a pop. We’ve been putting them through their paces, and are ready to report back on our findings.

Emily on Peachin’

When I opened this highlighter it looked almost pink in the pan, which had me totally confused. But once you get this shimmering in the light you see it in all its peachin’ glory. I swatched it on my finger first and the colour pay-off was surprisingly good, I was actually worried I was going to be beaming. But it’s lovely on and gives a soft, warm shimmer with decent staying power to boot! It proved tricky to capture in a photo, but this little video gives you a good idea. What can I say? Penneys you’ve done it again. Slay peach, slay!

Allsun on Gold Digger

Where would we be without Penneys! I haven’t tried many of their makeup offerings but I love a good highlight and was dying to try out Gold Digger (great name). This little box of tricks is very gold and very shimmery which are both very much my thing. It’s nice and finely milled and very pigmented. It warms up my whole face with its warm golden glow and I’m loving the tone – it’s not too harsh or icy, but gives me a lovely bronzed look. The lasting power is good too – I find I’m still glowing by the time I take off my makeup.  Gold Digger’s a winner for me and is definitely on par with more expensive brands.

Emma on Brunch Club and Mink Pink

I've tried both Brunch Club and Mink Pink which are a cool-toned champagne and warmer rose-gold colour respectively. I've finger swatched them both but as I'm suggestible and I was going for brunch, Brunch Club is the one you can see here on my face. It's the most subtle of the four and is a pretty and wearable shade that's good for daytime. There are no glittery chunks and it doesn't exaggerate my enormous pores so it's a thumbs up from me. My only gripe? I'm not keen on cardboard packaging, as I'm tough on my stuff. And there's no mirror but look it, at these prices, I can’t exactly be mad at it.

Our overall verdict? Run and grab all your favourites at a Penneys near you!

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