10 October 2017

Mascara Trials: Rimmel Wonder’full, Max Factor Excess Volume, L’Oreal So Couture

Mascara Reviews Rimmel Wonder’full, Max Factor Excess Volume, L’Oreal So Couture

Mascara, though.  So essential for so many of us, yet all too often downright disappointing – but how did these three fare?

Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara Review

Rimmel Wonder’Full, €9.99

With argan oil to nourish the lashes and promote growth, this sounded a little gimmicky for my tastes - and when I first tried it, it felt like a lot of work to build up the thin, wet formula for sufficient oomph.

Except, silly me, that’s actually the joy of this mascara – it’s the most buildable product I’ve tried. You could lash on seventy coats and it won’t go clumpy or crispy, with nary a flake to be seen. You won’t get fat lashes but you will get a defined, fluttery look that feels like you’re not wearing anything at all. (On your lashes, dirtbird!)

And, to be clear, you will not need seventy coats; give it a few days to dry out, and two will suffice. Other positives: the spiky, bendy brush head is easy to work with, the price is very reasonable and actually, yes, the formula does feel quite conditioning, too.

Max Factor Excess Volume Mascara Review

Max Factor Excess Volume, €16.99 

This two-step mascara sounds intriguing: one end promises volume, while the second acts as a lacquer for a glossy, jet-black finish.   There have been some rave reviews but it didn’t quite do it for me; it gives decent length and separation, but volume? Not so much.

I’m also not convinced the lacquer does much more than a second coat of any mascara would - making it a little unrewarding, for the faff of messing about with two brushes. I’m not sold. It’s pricey, too, but it’s often on offer at Boots.

L’Oreal Volume Million So Couture Mascara Review

L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes So Couture, €11.99

Want the volume that Max Factor promised - along with Rimmel’s lightweight, non-crunchy finish? This flirty little number offers both, with a cherry on top.

The rubber wand and short spiky bristles do a great job of defining the lashes without clumping. It’s a good all-rounder: you get a little thickening, a lot of length, curl and separation and a nice silky, glossy black formula that feels rather luxe.

The overall effect? A big, full and flirty flutter that looks great all day long. Definitely a keeper.

Tried any of this little trio? How did you get on?  And if you’ve discovered anything amazeballs lately, do share all in the comments!

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