16 October 2017

Lush Magical Moringa Moisturiser Review: Worth It?

Lush Magical Moringa Moisturiser Review

I admit: I nearly choked on my coffee when I heard the price of this particular moisturiser from Lush.  At upwards of €30, this is definitely venturing into the premium, prestige price-range, and I tend to view Lush as a mid-market brand.

Still, Rosemary raved about it, and since her skin is only gorgeous, I figured I’d give it a go.

The star ingredient, the eponymous moringa, is one I particularly like: it’s antioxidant rich but the oil is nice and light, so it’s easily absorbed and doesn’t overload my temperamental skin. It also smells delish.

Other excellent ingredients include organic rose hip oil, argan oil, rosewood oil and ylang ylang oil – and all those oils will give you a good steer as to the texture of this moisturiser, which is more akin to an oil-rich cleansing balm, with that same melt-into-your-fingertips type of consistency, which makes it feel really spa-like and luxe.  You just warm it between your fingertips and smooth over your skin.

It’s a very hydrating and nourishing product, but it also has a mattifying effect on the skin, which means it makes a lovely base for makeup.

Lush Magical Moringa Moisturiser Review

Do you remember that Benefit product, Dr Feelgood? (Do they still make that?) The Magical Moringa moisturiser feels similar: very velvety and soft, and like it leaves a thin veil of product sitting on the surface your skin.

Now my combo to oily complexion fares very well with this product, but this is one that probably won’t suit you if you’re very oily skinned. As well as all those lovely oils, there is also organic shea butter in the mix which, yes, is very moisturising but, in my experience, can sometimes contribute to breakouts.

Because of that mattifying action, I’d also steer clear too if your skin is very dry. For everyone else, though, and particularly combination skinned gals (or guys!) like myself, this is definitely worth a whirl. It’s a lovely little product packed with stellar skin-friendly ingredients from around the world, and it’s a great little multi-tasker, too.

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