02 October 2017

Joico Blonde Life: because the struggle is real!

My fellow blondes know what it takes to be blonde (or get blonde), and stay that way.  Between roots, touch ups, toning, fading, damage, the sun, the chlorine, the list is endless and the struggle is real. I’m happy to try anything that promises to keep my hair fresh and bright, and when my hairstylist suggested Joico I was happy to splash the cash.

Joico is known for its healthy hair ethos and the latest range, Blonde Life, is a lightening, brightening sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. It’s been created specifically for hair that has been bleached, double processed, or lifted to new height – and it promises gorgeous, shiny, healthy intentionally blonde hair. The packaging is glossy and shiny which is just how I like my hair, so first impressions were good. But three months on, how do I feel about dropping the guts of €40 on haircare?

Let’s start with the shampoo, which is €18.45. Being sulfate-free, it’s like nothing I’ve used before.  It feels like a gel and while it lathers, it’s not quite as much as I’m used to. It cleanses the hair using a fancy sounding, high-tech system that suspends dirt and oil and quickly rinses them away.  The formula features a fancy sounding blend of Polynesian and Manoi oil that renews moisture, fights frizz and bumps up the shine.

Trust me when I say you only need small amount of this shampoo. It thickens up as it’s massaged into your hair and scalp, I could actually feel the yellow tones being eliminated that turn blonde hair brassy.

On to the conditioner (€19.95): the claims here are that the bio-advanced peptide complex targets and reconstructs damaged strands. The amino acid, Arginine, replenishes the haire and the oil blend that’s in the shampoo hydrates and adds shine. It doesn’t feel heavy or weigh down my hair – it looks like a lotion, and I use way less than I’m used to with other conditioners. 

Now, the important bit. The verdict! After using this combo for over three months my hair has definitely improved in both colour and condition. Hallelujah! It has a lovely shine with less brassy tones coming through. I get much more time between hair colouring appointments as my hair isn’t stripped of its colour. And as a bonus, I’ve been getting comments about my hair looking healthy and strong. So yes, I’d recommend and repurchase – you can find in salons or buy from Irish site shampoo.ie.  (That's not an affiliate link, btw, we just like the site.)

Photos by Rua photography

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