06 September 2017

Three Fancy Favourite Nail Lacquers for Fall

Favourite nail polish colours for autumn / fall from Irish beauty blog Fluff and Fripperies

In autumn, my nail colours tend to get a little richer, deeper and more opulent than spring or summer: I’m not quite ready for glitter, but I’m edging my way there with the odd metallic or shimmer. While new and fabulous colours land each season, some of my favourites have been in my collection for years – as is the case with these three I’m showing you today, which I’ve been wearing in rotation.

Best Autumn Nail Colours

1. Tom Ford Bitter Bitch Nail Lacquer: Let’s kick off with the most expensive; at €35, the Tom Ford nail polishes are an extravagant buy. Ah, but hers was a press sample, you may be thinking - but of the three here, this is the one I bought with my own cash money (the other two are samples). Tom Ford was new to Ireland at the time and I fell for the hype, the packaging, the colour – a bitter chocolate – and, of course, that fabulous name. I regret nothing, because here I am still using it more than four years later. Feeling flush? You can get your own here

Swatches of favourite nail polish colours for autumn / fall from Irish beauty blog Fluff and Fripperies 
2. Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Rose Gold: The Estee Lauder nail lacquers are criminally under-rated in my humble opinion. This one is a real beauty (see?), and looks just like molten copper in its glamorous square gold and glass surrounds. It’s pinker on the nail than in the bottle, applies and wears like a dream and, though I was worried it was limited edition, it looks like you can still get it here, for €20.50. 

3. YSL La Laque Couture in Bronze Aztec: I love the colour – a dark khaki flecked with fine bronze shimmer – but I equally love the formula and brush, which are both exceptional; my bottle is about 4 years old and it applies as well as it ever did. See it in action or pick it up on the YSL website here, for £19 (about €22 – it was €24 when they sent me mine!). 

What are you loving on your nails right now?

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