27 September 2017

Bedtime routine, products and sleep hacks

We've all heard it. Get more sleep and we'll be smarter, better looking, more optimistic and generally better able to handle the challenges of the day. But with one in three people suffering from sleep disorders, catching up on your zeds isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Like Lorraine says oh so wisely in this excellent post, it’s important to treat the root causes of your sleep issues as part of a total wellness package. It’s also nice, though, to treat yo’self to the little luxuries that might help you feel relaxed.

One brand that really gets the wellness thing is Neom. Throughout this month, they’ve been running a sleep awareness campaign which culminates in the Big Sleep Night this Thursday. We’re challenged to get our best night’s rest yet and, while this post is not sponsored by them or anyone else, that's a challenge we can all get on board with. And here's some of the ways I plan to do just that.

So the first step in my sleepytime routine is to basically drench my room in lavender. The link between lavender and sleep is scientifically proven (at least according to this Buzzfeed article) and the Neom tranquillity candle is a lovely way to prep your mind for sleep. 

An overnight treatment is not only good for the skin, but signals to my brain that we’re now winding down for the night. Two beauty bits that live on my bedside table are the Image Ageless retinol masque, which is hella pricey but hella good, and Alpha H Liquid Gold (imho, the best acid toner on the market). If I’m super prepared, I’ll use Clinique’s Turnaround Instant Facial first - it only takes five minutes, and allows the other products to really sink in.

Then, MOAR LAVENDER! This time as a pillow spritz (my current one is from L’Occitane but I also like those by Neom and This Works, which I wrote about here), after which I usually read for half an hour. I use the kindle app on my phone, but switch it to flight mode to avoid distractions, and turn it to night mode to avoid the dreaded blue light. This is basically the enemy of sleep because it disrupts our circadian rhythm and suppresses the production of melatonin.

Sometimes that’s enough to get me to nod off on its own - but if not, I'll try some music from Pzizz, one of Calm’s free sleep stories or the Sleep With Me podcast, as recommended by my workfwend (Other) Emma.

That’s what works for me right now, but I’m ever eager to hear what works for other people. Please, if you have any sneaky sleep hacks, products or apps to recommend, do share ‘em in the comments.

Some products featured were press samples but that's not why I included them. This post is link heavy but they're not affiliate links, I just thought they might be useful. My sleep mask is from Boohoo. And you can read some more of my sleepytime recommendations here.

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