12 September 2017

Autumn Skincare #Shelfie: 7 Super Picks for Dehydrated, Ageing Skin

Autumn Skincare Picks 2015

It’s always a good idea to reassess your skincare needs as the seasons turn – and as we move into autumn I figured it might be a good time for some speedy skincare reviews! From left to right, here’s what I’m using and loving right now:
  1. Image Skincare MD Reconstructive Repair Crème: At €70+ this night treatment is spendy but the ingredients list make it totally worth it if you, like me, are worried about the effects of ageing on your skin.  A potent blend of retinol, glycolic acid and Vitamin C targets everything from dullness and uneven texture to fine lines, and also encourages cellular turnover rate so you’re left with smoother, softer looking skin.  You can only pick this particular range up from specialist clinics; mine came from Renew and I’m on to my second tube. 
  2. Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water: Finally available on Irish shores, at first I was concerned that the cult French range Bioderma had actually missed the boat: we’ve a plethora of very good micellar waters now available on our shelves. But having tried this, I’m converted: it seems to get more of the bad stuff off my skin while leaving more of the good stuff behind. My skin feels cleaner and more hydrated than with other, similar, products, so even though it’s pricier (at €16 for a 500ml bottle), this is one I think is worth the hype. 
  3. Kiehl’s Iris Extract Activating Treatment Essence: Essences are another one of those head-scratching products that have made their way here from Asia in recent years. Whether you think they’re worth it or an unnecessary step in your skincare routine will probably depend on age, budget and the condition of your skin but for me, applying this as a first-step after cleansing has definitely made a difference.  For such a lightweight lotion it’s very hydrating, which makes it a good pick for this time of year.  It’s €40. 
  4. Skinceuticals AOX Lip Complex: Another anti-ageing product (can you sense a theme?!) which you won’t need if you’re younger than your mid-to-late thirties, this lip treatment feels more like a thin cream than a balm but has already worked wonders on my perma-chapped lips. At €40 the price is high but there are several benefits: anti-oxidants to prevent environmental damage, along with hyaluronic acid and glycerin to hydrate and heal the lips. 
  5. Murad AHA BHA Cleanser: This is a brilliant cleanser for my skin type which is basically: getting on a bit but still likes to throw a good strop. A trio of exfoliating acids (salicylic, lactic and glycolic) help to keep my skin smooth and clear and, once I’ve taken off my makeup, this baby is always my preferred second-cleanse these days.  At the time of writing you can find it in the cloud10beauty sale for €33.58. 
  6. Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution Day Screen Multi Protection SPF 50: I’ve used this almost daily since it launched back in March and have a couple of back-ups stashed away because it’s probably the best facial SPF I’ve tried. Great under makeup, there’s no balling or clogging and it sinks in really fast, leaving my skin feeling nicely mattified and hydrated. This will be €38 well spent. 
  7. Clarins Mission Perfection: This is a really nice, multi-purpose serum that works brilliantly with the brand’s SPF (above). Mission Perfection, €60, targets dark spots, discolouration, acne scars and redness in the skin – and it has an instant brightening effect, too.

What are you loving right now? 

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