11 April 2017

Budget Beauty: 5 Affordable Makeup Bits I'm Loving

I'll ease back into things gently, with a round-up of bargaintastic beauty bits that have weaselled their way into my affections - and my daily makeup bag.
We'll start with the €4.50 mascara that inspired this post. I was telling my sister that it’s very good indeed, in a sort of Benefit Roller Lash type of way, that’s more fluttery than full-on. A memory flickered, of something I used to do when I wanted to tell people about lovely things I like, that they might also like. So if you need a new everyday lash flatterer and don’t want to spend more than a fiver, look for the Catrice Glam & Doll Sculpt & Volume mascara: the name is the only thing I don’t love.

Isn’t this concealer brush a dote? The copper colour is pretty, although mine has started to peel and show the plastic underneath. But it’s still entirely functional, and it blends nicely and the brush head is soft and doesn’t shed, and at €3 from the Penneys PS…Beauty range, sure what else could you be asking for? Their oval foundation brush is also worth a whirl.

Max Factor’s tinted lip balms are lovely. They’re like a trusted pal I turn to when my lips need a bit of low-maintenance comfort-plus-colour. Clarins make a few lips bits that make me feel like this too, and in prettier packaging - but at about a tenner, these ones come in cheaper. Which means I can have the red, orange and pink one in my bag, to suit all moods.  

My new office has lots of well-groomed ladies who slay at that tricksy no-makeup-makeup thing; I’m trying to copycat and the Kiss beauty sponges help. They’re super impressive, and so is the €5.95 price tag. This orange one in the photo is the teardrop sponge, which claims streak-free application as its USP. And yep, it delivers. My favourite is actually the knobbly looking pink one (or easy grip blending sponge, if we’re being technical) but it’s a little too grubby to be pictured.

I’m trying a few bits from L.O.V, and this one’s a winner so far. The Perfectitude Smoothing Lip Scrub is not, somewhat confusingly, a lip scrub. But it is a very lovely oil treatment, with the odd bit of scrubby sugar in it. It also tastes fruitalicious, makes my lips feel soft and I’m taken with the simple, pen-like packaging. It’s €6.95 and, unlike my little Lush scrubs, I can use it at my desk at work without looking like a total mentaller.  

Have you made any lovely little discoveries yourself, of late? Do share!

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