01 December 2016

What Men Really Want For Christmas (Or: What One Man is Heavily Hinting At!)

Mrs Fluff is always telling me how important it is that we make our own traditions over time.  So, ever willing to please her, I thought I’d get cracking on the traditional Mr Fluff’s Christmas Gift Guide where I tell her what I’d like given to me at this very special time of year.  With any luck this might also provide others, less fortunate than Mrs Fluff, with some inspiration for their own man present shopping.  See, Christmas is all about giving not receiving!  

First on my letter to Santa would be a new pair of trainers that, given the time of year, would have to be leather so as to make cleaning them easier while providing some waterproofing.  For all round flexibility and style I’d definitely go with white with this pair of Adidas Originals sporting the Porsche logo on the side, adding some festive bling, really catching my eye. 

Christmas is always about toys and this shouldn’t change just because you’ve aged like a fine wine or, er, matured like smelly blue cheese.  I’ve recently tried out the Samsung Gear Virtual Reality headset and I have to say it was a very impressive piece of kit.  At around €100 it’s not the most expensive VR headset on the market (see PlayStation and Oculus Rift) but it still makes for a really fun VR experience.  My favourite apps were Netflix, where you get to sit in an alpine lodge watching all your favourite shows on the big screen, and Perfect Beach which allows you to chill out on a tropical beach listening to music, meditating or simply taking in the relaxing sea view.

Integral to a traditional December 25th is an armchair for the man of the house to sit back in while pronouncing to the assembled friends and family what’s what.  So unless Mrs Fluff wants this King’s speech to outlast the film of the same name she should consider getting me this amazing  Eames style lounge chair and ottoman.

When sitting down at a celebration what must one have?  A glass of booze obviously and since it will be cold and I’m Scottish I have to recommend a wee dram of whisky.  I am living in Ireland however so this year I’d like to try something more local such as the wonderfully smooth Yellow Spot from the Midleton Distillery.

The harsh winter weather, as well as making one thirsty, will dry your poor fella’s delicate skin out so you had better get him some protection.  For this there are not many products out there better than the Clarins Men’s range with this Hydrating Essentials gift pack offering great value.

In the bleak mid winter I enjoy nothing more than to think of where to go on my summer hols and, being a leading men’s fashion influencer, what to wear when I get there.  When buying clothes for other people it’s all too easy to get it utterly wrong so my advice is to go for good quality staples.  For example I particularly like this pique cotton range of t-shirts from Cos.

But when all is said and done you can’t beat finding a good old fashioned gift voucher under the tree.  While this may be considered the lazy shoppers gift the key here is matching the right type of voucher to the person.  For example, since I’ve outsourced actual reading to Audible, there’s no point in getting me a book token.  I would however love a contribution to a stay in the fantastic Inchydoney Island Lodge and Spa which is one of my favourite spots. 

Well there are my suggestions for keeping the mens in your life happy this year; I hope they’re of some use.  If there’s anything I’ve missed please let Mrs Fluff know in the comments below, she couldn’t bear it if I missed out.   Merry Christmas!

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