17 November 2016

Top Five Scents of the Season (Great to Gift or Self-Gift!)

Best Autumn Winter Scents

Looking for a fragrance to make you feel all warm and cosy, despite the weather? Read on for our favourite autumn/winter scents...

L’Occitane Ambre & Santal is just delicious, and one I always want to dig out as the temperatures drop.  Sadly, Mr Fluff feels the same way and I had to wrest this from his greedy little paws the other day as he tried to appropriate it for himself. The spicy warmth and smokiness make a lovely unisex fragrance and, at €55 for 75 ml, this is pretty decent value too. Read my full review.

Roads Afropolis is one of my favourite scents and the only reason it doesn’t have a blog post of its own is because I lost the bottle cap so the pictures would be crap. #Badblogger. The brand is a really cool, creative indie Irish company that does books, scents, films and, more recently, candles; you’ll find them in Brown Thomas or check out their site.

Part of the brand’s Africa collection, Afropolis is a fresh, clean take on a woodsy scent – it opens with gin, juniper berries, citrus and mint and dries down to a mossy, musky finish. Think of a charming, handsome man drinking a G&T after a walk in the woods and you won’t be far wrong. And yes, this one is unisex, too. €98.00 for 50ml.

Best Autumn Winter Fragrances

Jo Loves Smoked Plum & Leather is a recent discovery and one I raved about recently, so I’ll try to keep this brief. This is a wonderfully warm and earthy blend of  plum liqueur with cinnamon, cedarwood and leather. From €65 for 50ml.

Chanel No 5 L’eau is a bright, beautiful and fresh reinterpretation of the classic No 5. It’s still luxe and sophisticated, but it’s also modern and light, and should appeal to a wider, younger audience. It retains the essence of the original with jasmine, rose, neroli and musk at its core, but the addition of citrusy topnotes like lemon, mandarin and orange make it a much airier composition. From €89 for 50ml; check out my full review.

Estee Lauder Modern Muse Nuit is a softer, modern take on a heady oriental; there’s no danger of himself trying to make off with the bottle because the floral and vanilla accords are decidedly feminine. They balance out the warmth and spiciness that comes from the patchouli, woods and musk so that the overall juice is nicely balanced and beautifully wearable, but with an edge – making it a gorgeous evening scent that’s very sexy.   From €90 for 50ml.

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