30 November 2016

The Best Affordable Liquid Illuminators, for Day and Night: Allsun's recommending!

My name is Allsun and I am a highlighter addict. I love to layer on the products that promise that glamorous, glowy look; some might think I go a bit OTT sometimes, but my philosophy is: if it can’t be seen from space, then it didn’t happen!

After trying too many liquid highlighters to count, I have settled on two definite favourites, and they’re both under a tenner! My hero highlighters are NYX “Born to Glow” Liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam, and Botanics “Radiance Balm All Bright”. If you’re a fellow glow-getter, you’re going to want to add them to your kit.

Both can be used in several ways. For a more subtle look, I like to apply them after I moisturise and before I put on my foundation, or else I mix a little drop in with my base and blend it into the skin, with my Blank Canvas F20 Flat Buffer Brush.
Best Budget Liquid Highlights NYX and Botanics
Left cheek: NYX - right cheek: Botanics! 

They both give your skin a lovely glow and bring a little more life and radiance to your face.  While they both do exactly what they say on the tin, there is a slight difference between them, even if the struggle to capture it on camera was real! Let’s get into it...

NYX Sun Beam, €10, isn’t so much a liquid as it is a lightweight cream. When you dispense it from the tube it has a very pearlescent, almost metallic look, but once blended the colour leans more white and less pink.  It’s not heavy, oily or greasy and it glides onto the skin flawlessly. A small pea size of this illuminator goes a long way.  Once applied this product sets very quickly, so start blending it straight away!

The Best Affordable Liquid Illuminators
Left cheek: NYX - right cheek: Botanics! Taken in different light.

There’s definitely A LOT of shimmer in it, so this is the one I use when I’m getting ready for a night out.  The sparkle in it gives a glamorous, glowy and shimmery finish to the skin and it has great lasting power, too.

In comparison, the Botanics Radiance Balm, €6.37, is the perfect daytime balm.  When you apply it to the skin it feels both slicker and more fluid than the NYX product.  It’s much less shimmery than the NYX offering and smooths out to a pearlescent sheen. Once applied, you do have to wait a minute or two for it to soak into the skin.  The brightening properties give a lift to my skin and makes it look glowy, without turning me into a grease ball.  If you feel your skin needs a little pick me up, especially during the Winter months, then this is a winner for bringing life back to a dull complexion. On no makeup days, I use this and a touch of concealer and I’m done.

Have you tried either of these before – or do you have any similar suggestions? I can always add another layer of shimmer and shine to my routine!

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