02 November 2016

Pañpuri Oriental Indulgence at The Spa at The Shelbourne: takes luxury to the next level

Pañpuri Oriental Indulgence Treatment at The Spa at The Shelbourne

Turns out Belinda Carlisle was right: ooh, heaven is a place on earth, and you can get there via the latest Pañpuri treatment offered by The Spa at The Shelbourne.

Pañpuri is one of Thailand’s leading luxury spa and aromatherapy companies, and their botanical-based products and treatments are available exclusively in Ireland at The Shelbourne.  (You can read more about their ethos in this post.)

In all my years of spa-ing, this was my first time to experience two therapists working on me at the same time. And, in the truest definition of a first world problem, I had been slightly anxious I might find it all a bit distracting…but if anything, I had the opposite experience. Something about the feeling of four hands working on you at once encourages almost immediate and total relaxation. It’s transcendental.

Pañpuri Oriental Indulgence Treatment at The Spa at The Shelbourne

I felt incredible gratitude towards my therapists, Jolie and Karla. Using Thai massage techniques with warm and fragrant oils, one worked on my feet and lower legs, while the other concentrated on my face, neck, head, arms and hands. This is next level luxury, right here, and something you’ve really got to experience at least once.

And it’s not all soft music and relaxation: the treatment also delivers some serious skincare results. It incorporates the Pañpuri Siamese Jasmine Restore facial, which uses divinely scented essences of white jasmine blossom, and left my skin feeling plumped up and glowing for days.

Pañpuri Oriental Indulgence Treatment at The Spa at The Shelbourne

Afterwards, you can make full use of the facilities at The Shelbourne, which include a pool, sauna and steam room, before lounging in the relaxation room with a glass of Laurent Perrier champagne. It just doesn’t get better than this.

Now, sadly, all of this bliss has a price: €259.00, to be precise. I know, I know, ouch. But if you know someone who desperately needs some stress relief or deserves the ultimate treat, then this is the perfect gift. And if that someone just happens to be your own good self, you’ll find no judgement here. This is an experience that takes pampering to new and heavenly levels, and don’t we all deserve a little taste of that?

Fluff and Fripperies was a guest of the hotel. 

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