08 November 2016

Clinique Pretty Easy Brow Palette: Allsun's Recommending!

We all know that brows are a big deal – but finding the right product for them seems trickier than finding that perfect foundation and mascara.  Brow products are absolutely everywhere at the moment, and choosing between a brow pencil, gel or a shadow can be a mission in itself. This palette promises to make things easy so to test it, my sister let me play around with her brows (I’m growing mine out right now so they’re not photo friendly!) to see if it lives up to its claims.

Sadly this palette only comes in one shade, so that’s obviously the colour we used.

This kit comes in the Clinique’s classic mirrored packaging, which is simple and chic, but does get covered in finger prints: aaargh! It contains everything you will need to get that perfect brow to frame the face: a natural-looking brow powder, powder highlighter for the brow bone, tinted brow fixative to keep unruly brows in check, plus four applicator tips for a precise touch.

When I opened the palette I was delighted to see there were step by step instructions, which reminded me of painting by numbers.  Following instructions is what I am good at so I started by picking up the brush with number 1 on it, and placing it in the brow powder that was also numbered 1 (genius).

Clinique Pretty Easy Brow Palette Review

However from the get-go the brush provided just didn’t cut the mustard, it was too soft and it just didn’t work.  The only brush that was of any use was the number 3 as it had an excellent spoolie, a must to brush out the excess powder.So I resorted to my trusty MAC 208 angled brow brush, which worked a dream.

The powder is soft, easily blendable and any gaps in the brow were easily filled in.  I also thickened the top of the arch to give the illusion of fullness.  The formula is quite pigmented so it can be applied lightly to offer a lighter shade or applied more heavily for deeper, darker results.

It’s so important that the tail end of the brow also looks defined, so I brought any extra powder left on the brush right down to the end of the brow.  After the brows were filled in I used the fixative, which is number 3 in the palette.  This extra step is fantastic and really gave the brows a finished, professional look.  All hairs are kept in place and they will not budge!

As my sister wasn’t wearing any other makeup, I only placed a small bit of the highlighter (no 2) on the brow bone.  Without a doubt if you had a full face of makeup on this step would look amazing, as it gives just a subtle ivory glow under the brow arch which helps further define the brows.

Overall, this kit is excellent: it’s extremely easy to use  so it lives up to its name, and the quality of all three products are top notch.  It gives a far more polished look than using your typical brow pencil.

It’s not the most budget friendly brow product out there but it’s perfect for us ladies looking for three brow products that are compact and can be used on the go. It’s definitely beginner friendly and the only negatives are the choice of shade and the applicators; you can pick it up on Debenhams now for €34.

I’d love to hear what your favourite brow product is?

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