17 October 2016

NIOD Flavanone Mud from Deciem, the Abnormal Beauty Company

Selection of products from Deciem the Abnormal Beauty Company

I was recently introduced to Deciem, who make a range of beauty products that strike me as really interesting and unique. The brand, launched in 2013, is not the most accessible here in Ireland but you can buy online, and if that contributes to keeping costs where they are (basically, way lower than I was expecting for such high-tech skincare), then I’m not complaining.

Flavanone Mud is described as more than a mask but, y’know, essentially that is what it is - just a really, really good one. It’s part of Deciem’s NIOD line, which stands for non-invasive options in dermal science. It’s sleek and stylishly packaged: inside the black cardboard box, you get a 50ml jar of product that doesn’t contain aggressive clays, exfoliating agents or anything to disrupt dermal balance or cause inflammation of the skin.

So what does it contain? Three types of clay: a black Amazonian clay, sedimentary white clay and a copper rich clay from Brazil, along with some other very scientific sounding ingredients which you can read up on their website. Chief amongst these (I’m assuming, given the name) is flavanone, derived from citrus peel, to aid decongestion, along with oleic acid to encourage glowing skin.

Deciem NIOD Flavanone Mud Mask Review

After our recent weekend in Lusty Beg, my skin was not in a good way when I began the accelerated method: daily application for five days in a row, followed by weekly maintenance. I had a few little spots around my chin and nose, and plenty more where those came from, lurking under my skin.

You only need the thinnest layer of this stuff: the photo on the right below was my first application, and it makes me weep now to see so much wasted product. The photo on the left is about the right amount. There’s a six month shelf life after you open the jar, and I reckon there’s just enough product to last that long.

The process is much the same as any other mask: apply, leave for ten minutes, rinse, enjoy the tingling sensation that signals something is actually happening to your skin, then examine self in the closest mirror to observe results. Some benefits are promised immediately, with more becoming evident 24 – 48 hours after application.

Deciem NIOD Flavanone Mud

What I’ve observed has been very promising. I haven’t had any further breakouts, and the spots I did have seem to have cleared up.  My skin looks and feels smoother and less bumpy. It’s more even-toned, too, with less redness and no irritation, and while it’s a tricky one to scientifically measure, I do think I have a little more glow.

So what’s the price for all this high-tech skincare goodness? €35 is the answer and, while it's not the cheapest mask on the market, it's also nowhere near the most expensive that I’ve used. You can order from the website here.

Expect to see a few more Deciem reviews popping up on the site – I’m becoming quite the fan. If you are too, what should I try out next?

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