19 October 2016

An Obvious Copy – But Is It A Dupe?

On first appearance these two palettes look pretty much the same...Emily's digging a little bit deeper to see if we have a dupe. 

Recently I did a soft summery make-up look using the Naked 3 palette and when Emma handed me a potential dupe (W7 In the Nude) to try out, I figured the best way to compare would be to recreate the look. Just lookit here at the similarities in the palettes: at first glance it’s pretty spot on…

So I matched like for like with the shadows to recreate the look (the only differences are the mascara, brow product, foundation and lips).

The first thing you’ll probably notice is there’s a difference in pigment. The W7 palette required using a lot more of the product to build up a good coverage and didn’t allow me to recreate the look exactly. The Naked 3 colours gave me more depth in the crease and outer corner whereas the recreated look ended up being one rosey colour all over. Still a lovely result mind you.

While it’s an obvious copy of the Urban Decay palette – which, ethically, presents its own issues – it’s not a dupe and the quality is not the same. As a standalone product however, the shadows lasted the whole day without too much wear, and the rosey colours are lovely to play around with. The W7 palette costs just €7.50 from Cara Pharmacy.

Tried any of the W7 palettes? Thoughts?

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