28 September 2016

Clarins BB Skin Detox Fluid Review, Before and After Photos

Clarins BB Skin Detox Fluid SPF 25 Review

This little lovely first appeared with the spring collex and was re-released for autumn, where it ticks all the boxes for this season’s fresh, glowing skin. I was given mine at the launch of the spring beauty edit and have been using and loving it ever since, so it’s high time I got around to posting about it!

Described as half skin care, half makeup, if you’re familiar with this lush French brand you won’t be surprised to hear this is jam-packed with skin-friendly ingredients that give moisture and balance to the skin.  There’s SPF 25, too, which is great, but the main reason you’ll want to use this product is because it makes skin look bloody brilliant – with no hassle at all.

Clarins BB Skin Detox Fluid SPF 25 before and after photos on face

You can see from the before and after photos that it’s incredibly natural and really does look like my actual skin – just a more radiant, less sallow and more even-toned version! Imperfections are minimised rather than masked and the finish is a flattering satin. I use a light layer all over my face and then go in with a little extra around my nose and chin, to mask the redness in those areas.

If you’ve tried the original Clarins BB cream, you’ll know it’s also excellent but has a much more traditional BB cream formula in that it feels quite thick and cushiony on the skin when it’s first applied. This is different: it’s much thinner and more fluid, so it’s easier to blend out. It’s much glowier, too, thanks to light-reflecting particles in the formula, and it gets bonus points for the pump applicator, which is another improvement on the original.

The Clarins BB Skin Detox Fluid with SPF 25 is €34.50 which is fair enough given its performance and skincare benefits, I reckon. The one drawback is the shade range: I’m using it in 00, fair, which is the lightest shade - so I’d love to see a lighter shade again for paler skin-tones.

Tried it? Thoughts?

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