15 August 2016

Kicking Back at The K-Club Golf & Spa Hotel, Kildare: Review

Fluff and Fripperies at the K-Club Golf and Spa Hotel Kildare

Although I’d never set foot in the K-Club until our recent visit, I grew up in Kildare – which means that I basically grew up in its shadow. This five-star golf and spa hotel is world-famous (thanks, in part, to hosting the Ryder Cup on one of its two championship golf courses), and its name was a by-word for everything that was sophisticated and luxe.

Fluff and Fripperies at the K-Club Golf and Spa Hotel Kildare

We were gifted a voucher by Alpro, to celebrate the launch of the new Fusion drink range, and we had a special occasion to celebrate so booked in right away. I’ve just recently started working with Alpro (I say working, but no money is changing hands) and they’re a great fit for me as I’m trying to transition to a plant-based diet. Not eating meat has meant a few changes, but I’m focusing on all the great stuff I can enjoy rather than the stuff I can’t. More on that anon!

Fluff and Fripperies at the K-Club Golf and Spa Hotel Kildare

It’s a good time to visit the resort: just last year they opened a brand new wing, which almost doubled the hotel’s room capacity, along with a new restaurant, tennis courts and bar. We were housed in the new wing and, because it was our anniversary weekend, we were upgraded to a really beautiful room.

The (giant) bed was incredibly comfortable – I could have spent the weekend in it – and the d├ęcor is very elegant and traditional: everything looks and feels expensive, but in a cosy way, not in an imposing way.  The hand-painted mural in the bathroom was a nice touch, as were the mini Voya products; it cheers me to see Irish hotels and salons supporting quality home-grown brands.

Treatments at the K Spa were included in our package and we were booked in for a 55-minute massage and 25-minute rasul treatment each. The rasul involved sitting in a steamy chamber, slathered in a self-applied mud mask until, after an allotted time, warm water falls from the ceiling to help you rinse off.  This was all grand, but I felt a little claustrophobic and exited early in search of a shower. My skin felt nice and soft afterwards, but if given the choice, for the same results, I’d opt for a scrub or wrap.

Fluff and Fripperies at the K-Club Golf and Spa Hotel Kildare

We were led off for our massages and agreed, when we met up in the relaxation room afterwards, that they were just what the doctor ordered: relaxing, professional and with good levels of pressure to work out all the kinks. The Voya oils that were used smelled delicious, and further softened up the skin.

I enjoyed the spa experience as a guest of the hotel, but I wouldn’t return for a dedicated day spa experience. The treatments were good, but the facilities don’t measure up to the rest of the resort; the vibe is functional as opposed to luxurious, like a really nice gym as opposed to a high-end spa.

Cheese board at the K-Club Resort, Kildare, Ireland

Our overall verdict? With great food, beautiful grounds, friendly service and expert therapists, there’s a lot to recommend about the K-Club. It couldn’t quite live up to the weight of my childhood expectations, but it’s a lovely, if expensive, spot for a special occasion.  Have you been?

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