24 August 2016

Brushed Metals: A New Jewellery Obsession

Lauryn Rose Irish Jewellery

Brushed metals are our new accessories crush here at Fluff and Fripperies HQ.

And not just because the new Irish jewellery e-boutique, Lauryn Rose, was kind enough to send myself, Emily and Allsun a pretty bracelet each from their collection.

There’s something really simple but elegant about this piece – it’s a classic style, but the fact that the metal is brushed, and therefore quite matte/satin instead of super-shiny, makes it feel nice and modern, too.

Lauryn Rose Irish Jewellery

I picked the gold one (hey, I got to the envelope first), and discovered it’s a near perfect match for this ring I picked up in Spain. I’ve been wearing them together pretty much non-stop since the bracelet arrived. Now I just need some similar ear-rings to even things out...

It’s really nice quality - Lauryn Rose is all about bridging the gap between high-end and high-street jewellery. Prices are affordable (the bracelets are €45), there’s loads of choice on the site, they offer next day delivery and beautiful wrapping – and they donate 10% of profits to LauraLynn Children’s Hospice. Oh, and did I mention they’re Irish? You can check them out here.

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