28 July 2016

Vince Camuto Garet Bag: Six Reasons Why I Love You

Vince Camuto Garet Bag

I am obsessing over this simple and elegant cross-body handbag, which is new to my life and my wardrobe, and here's why:

ONE: It has gold hardware which is my favourite but is hard to come by without looking cheap or flashy. I mean, sometimes I want my bag to look a little cheap/flashy but not every day; this manages to look neither.

Vince Camuto Garet Bag

TWO: It was half price in the House of Fraser sale which, SCORE! For reasons we shall not explore too deeply here, the sterling/euro conversion rate is particularly favourable right now. 

THREE: I am rubbish with wallets and end up just chucking my bankcard into my handbag where it promptly gets eaten by a million receipts and lipsticks. This handbag anticipates my uselessness and has an inbuilt card-holder bit, previously only seen in purses and wallets. 

Vince Camuto Garet Bag

FOUR: It’s made from a beautiful, goes-with-anything tan leather which stops me abusing this satchel.
FIVE: Rosemary’s sister used to design for Vince Camuto so I like to think she made this for me even though Rosemary tells me that she did, in fact, not. 

SIX: And finally - it will go with The Leopard Print Coat Of My Dreams (when I find it). 

What are you currently crushing on?

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