26 July 2016

Keeping Cool With Clinique This Summer

New Clinique Products Summer 2016

Clinique are killing it this summer. I had a look at some new beauty bits before and this post is a quick homage to this skincare duo that’s come in very handy throughout the warmer weather.

The brand’s mineral sunscreen is new this summer for face and body, and I was given the SPF 30 body version to trial. It came away with me on holiday and the remainder was dug out for use during last week’s Irish heat wave. Chemical sunscreens have been getting a bad rap and there’s something very reassuring about the notion of a gentle, 100% mineral version – this shields the skin from UVA and UVB damage by reflecting back the rays.

It can be used on all skintypes, including sensitive, and it’s oil and fragrance free. In my experience, it takes a fraction longer to absorb into the skin than a chemical sunscreen; personally I don’t mind this, as observing the white layer of lotion gives me some peace of mind that I haven’t missed a spot. It’s spendy though at €34 for 125 ml; I gave serious side-eye when Himself tried to reach for my bottle.

I’m also liking these Take the Day Off Micellar Cleansing Towelettes for Face & Eyes (€19.95 for 50 wipes). They’re not intended as a substitute for a full cleanse, but as a quick fix they’re pretty fab.  I used them on holiday to wipe the salt from my face after swimming in the sea, as well as on the plane before applying a face mask, or to refresh myself pre-landing.

While you can get obviously get much cheaper wipes, the benefit here is that they’re saturated with gentle micellar water, are non-drying and dermatologically tested to remove makeup without causing irritation.

Both are worthy of a space in your suitcase, or you could always keep an eye out for them as a sshneaky airport purchase.

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