08 July 2016

Ina Tells Us Why She'll Always Be An Olay Girl

I keep meaning to try more beauty bits from Olay. They get great press, beauty editors constantly recommend them, they’re affordable and they seem to have the science to back up their claims. But when it comes to skincare, I tend to play fast and loose, changing brands with gay abandon. So when I found out that my friend Ina is a much more loyal type of gal, I needed to know why...

In my memories of being small and playing at the dressing tables of aunts, grandmothers and my own mother, three brands all feature prominently: Anais Anais perfume, Pond’s cold cream cleanser and Oil of Ulay.

Well, I can’t remember the last time I saw Anais Anais for sale and I don’t know anyone who still uses Pond’s. But, despite a vowel change and losing the “oil of” precursor , Olay is still one of the most prominent brands in skin care in the market. It is still used by virtually all of the women in my family and I am a convert. Sure, I tried other brands over the years but kept coming back to Olay and now, I don’t bother trying anything new.

So why?

The range is fantastic. As I get older, my skin is changing and Olay have a product for it. From moisturisers to cleansers to eye creams, Olay have me covered.

I started in my late teens and early twenties using the Olay Essentials Classics range- a simple straightforward approach to skin care that is light and easily absorbed. The moisturisers come in day and night creams, and come with the option of sensitive or normal/oily skin. I’m also a big fan of the subtle scents the creams have. 

I then graduated up to the Essentials Complete range- the same idea, but with added SPF protection in the daycream and Vitamins B3 & E and Pro-Vitamin B5 added to the night cream.

In recent years, I have started using the Anti-Wrinkle range. Again, it has all the benefits of the preceding ranges but with small changes to reflect how my skin is changing as I get older. Currently on the shelf in my bathroom I have the Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Skin Day Cream with SPF15 and the Anti-Wrinkle Nature Fusion Night Cream.

Helpfully, the packaging tells you the age category it is targeted towards too! So while I’m not due to change again for a while, when I do, I’ll be sticking with the Olay brand.

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