10 June 2016

Emily Walks Us Through This Soft, Summery, Wedding Make-Up Look

Summer wedding makeup look

Summer usually means wedding season and Emily already has one hen party and wedding under her belt, with one more to come. So of course we've asked her to open up her beauty bag for our voyeuristic viewing pleasure!

Since money is a wee bit tight at the mo, I decided to revisit items I already own to wear on the day, including my make-up which I did myself. A brave decision given my complete lack of skills in that department, though to be fair I am blind as a bat so I have that excuse. But regardless of whether it was blissful ignorance thanks to my blurred vision or genuinely well applied, I was really happy with the result. It was a soft, summery look that was unbelievably easy! Here’s what I did:

Skin prep: I started with a facial scrub to make sure my skin was smooth and then I applied some of my Indeed Labs Hydraluron gel to plump up my skin (I’m a big fan of this stuff, check out our full review). Then I slapped on some moisturising cream and Smashbox’s foundation primer (I found a sample of this when I was routing through my make-up and was really impressed).

Make-up: I ran Shiseido Eye Zone Corrector in the colour 102 Light, beneath my eyes. I have quite dark patches towards my inner eye corner so this helps to counteract that (and hey, we reviewed that too). I used Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation in the colour 12 Beige Rosé. This is just my every day foundation but to be fair, when you’re attending a nice occasion it can always be made more special with Chanel, amirite?

Summer wedding beauty look

Eyes: I used Urban Decay’s Primer Potion on my eyes before going in with the Naked 3 palette . This palette, with its rosey colours, is perfect for a summer make-up look (check out our swatches here).
Colours and placement went like this: Nooner in the Crease, with a little bit of Limit to soften things up; Strange on the brow bone, Burnout across the lid, Buzz in the outer V, Dust in the inner corner and Blackheart as a liner,

I couldn’t find my eyelash curlers and I have poker straight lashes so I used Benefit’s They’re Real to make the best of what my mama gave me!

For brows I used Shu Uemura’s Hard 9 eye pencil in Walnut 07. I love this colour on me and my god is that pencil long lasting.

To finish: I applied Benefit’s blush in Dandelion for a subtle bit of flush and complemented its light pink hue with Max Factor’s Colour Intensifying Balm in, I think, Sumptuous Candy.

Finally to set it all - because I was told there was going to be a heatwave *rolls eyes*- I applied Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder in Translucent and used Urban Decay’s make-up setting spray.

All in all I was really chuffed with how the look came together and with how easy it was. I’ve a fair few more weddings this year so if anyone has any deceptively easy looks they’d like to share with me, please do!

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