13 May 2016

Hooray For Holidays - But What Beauty Bits to Bring?

I’m off on holliers this weekend which means two things: firstly, I’m in full-on packing stress mode, and secondly, all going well, you can expect A LOT of smug, sunny holiday selfies on Instagram; you have been warned.

When it comes to clothes, I’ve had a private Pinterest board on the go for a good few weeks now so I’m pretty happy about my picks for a holiday wardrobe. Beauty products, though are a whole other ball game.

The reality is that on holiday, the last thing we want to do is worry about how we look – and often, we’re just too hot, sweaty, tired, busy or hungover to really care. But we still want to look halfway presentable - if only for those holiday selfies - and that’s where a clever edit of hard working beauty bits comes in.

For base products, I’m going to restrict myself to just two bits, both with high SPF protection:  a BB Cream for every day, and a protective cream compact foundation. I love Clarins and Chanel for the former and Shiseido and Vichy for the latter but this year I’m picking just one of each!

Lip products are where I tend to go a little cray cray, throwing in one of every colour and formulation just in case. Not this year, no sirree: I’m going with a couple of easy, breezy balm-like products for during the day, couple of bright glossy shades for evening, and a lip balm to lash on at night. And that’s it.  I’m thinking Clinique, Rimmel and Chanel, but Lancome’s Shine Lover is another nice holiday pick, and the Clarins glosses have a special place in my heart – I see some tough decisions in my immediate future…!

For cheeks, cream blushers are where it’s at and there’s nothing quicker, simpler, more reliable or, let’s face it, cuter than Clinique’s Chubby Sticks for Cheeks; swipe on, blend out with your fingers and you’re done. I also love the Becca Beach Tints for travel: small, punch, water-resistant cream stains that can be used on lips or cheeks – and contain skin soothing ingredients too, for the win.

Bobbi Brown’s long-wear cream shadow sticks (€30) always come with me on holiday these days, because they’re basically the bomb:  I love the metallic shades like Goldstone and Bronze for a longlasting colour on the lids, or smudged all around the lashline.

For lashes, extensions are the dream but as pennies are tight, they’re just not happening this time – so I’ll be rooting out the waterproof mascaras in my stash. Fingers crossed for a tube of Chanel’s Le Volume waterproof, or Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Waterproof mascara - two of my favourites - and for brows, Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow is also making the cut.

I’ll be trying a bunch of sun protection bits while I’m away and I’ll fill you in when I get back – along with the beauty bits that made the cut, and what I actually ended up using.

Expect a wee hiatus while I’m gone, but I’ll see you in a fortnight!

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