20 April 2016

Clarins Super Restorative Range Gets The Thumbs Up For Older Skin

We’re huge fan of Clarins skincare round these parts, and have made it our mission to get all the women in our lives as hooked as we are. Allsun’s mum is a recent convert and has been testing out the Super Restorative Range for Older skin, trialling the day and night cream along with the remodelling serum. Aimed at women over 50, the products promise intensive replenishment for skin experiencing age related hormonal changes. Here’s how she got on…

It’s a sad fact of life that as skin ages it stops producing collagen and elastin, which are vital to maintain soft smooth skin. Skin also becomes drier and, now I’m in my early 60s, my skin certainly has.

In order to address this I have been using the Clarins Super Restorative Range over the last several months -  literally night and day.

If during this time the "Magical plant from Madagascar" contained in the Super Restorative Range failed to deliver, I was fully prepared to "jump ship". You see I was nurturing my skin for a very important event: my only son's wedding. I was prepared to be a very harsh critic, as my expectations were high from the outset.

And the results? Amazing. I've used every tiny bit of the day and night creams. My facial skin feels smoother and more nourished. My makeup sits beautifully on my skin. My eye and cheek areas are without doubt less lined and I've gained so much confidence that I go without make up for days - which is unheard of for me.

The one area where I am still hoping for more improvement is the area above my upper lip. I still have more fine lines there than I’d like. I do think the remodelling serum is helping this area to be more hydrated, so it looks more plumped up and less crinkly in  appearance.

To say I'm hooked on this range is probably an understatement. Thank you all involved, for bringing Clarins Super Restorative cream to my attention.

The Clarins Super Restorative range is priced from €36 for the wake-up lotion; read more about it here or browse the range online.

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