27 February 2016

The Week In Pictures #10


Hogging the outdoor hot-tub at Dunboyne / because, hey, it was my birthday / filling the house with spring flowers, in practically every room (because, birthday) / stocking up on denim and stripes (because, oh you get the picture) / admiring these tiny little emeralds from Gemporia / totally failing in my resolve to not splurge on interior stuff this payday (BIRTHDAY) / bonding with my pack (#squadgoals) / trialling some new Irish beauty bits by Christoph / leaving it WAY too long between dye-jobs and coming up with ever more elaborate topknots and partings to hide those pesky greys. 

What have you been up to lately?

Some pics are taken from my Instagram - find me there (or on Snapchat!) as @fluffyblog, and leave your handle in the comments so I can make sure to follow back!

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