07 January 2016

A Face Full of Fancy ’15 Favourites!

2015 Beauty Favourites Fluff and Fripperies Irish Beauty Blog

I started back at work this week, and the break already feels, like, so last year. But I can’t kick off my 2016 blog schedule without paying suitable homage to the beauty bits that have been rocking my world. This is normally quite tough for me but not this year, because I have been OBSESSED with these little lovelies and slathering them liberally o’er my face on a daily basis for what feels like aeons now. As evidenced by this squinty sun-drenched January selfie.

So what made the cut?

2015 Beauty Favourites Fluff and Fripperies Irish Beauty Blog

ONE: The Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette just came into my life at the start of December – but featured in TWO of my #2015bestnine on Instagram which is saying a lot. It’s so, so lovely: you can read my post on the palette here but suffice it to say that it totally reignited my love affair with makeup and had me experimenting like a mad thing over the Christmas break. This tutorial was my favourite, just fyi, and you can check out my attempts at recreating it over here.  (In these pics I'm wearing Blonde all over with Anaheim in the crease, Baby on the lid and Serious winged out as a liner.)

Makeup Favourites Fluff and Fripperies Irish Beauty Blog

TWO: So enthused have I been that I’ve packed away my minimal BBs and CCs and cracked on with a full-scale foundation, concealer, contour and baking routine (with, ok, varying degrees of success). The Smashbox contour and highlight crayons have been invaluable because the shades are awesome and realistic, and blend out like a dream. Check out some of my must-haves from Smashbox over here.

THREE: In terms of powder contour products, I hold fast and firm to my belief that the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow cannot be beaten.  Silky smooth and blendable, this looks lovely and luminous – and yet, totally believable – on the skin. Oh, it’s dreamy. I layer it over my Smashbox cream products when I’m going all out (which, er, seems to be just about every day these days).

Beauty Favourites 2015 Fluff and Fripperies Irish Beauty Blog

FOUR: Chanel extended its beautiful Les Beiges line last year and I’d find it hard to live without this Healthy Glow Sheer Colour Stick cream blush. Mine is #22, a super flattering peachy coral shade that has magical powers and brings life and light to even the most knackered of post-Christmas faces. Wear-time is also brilliant but I’ve a sinking feeling this one might have been limited edition…fingers crossed that it’s re-released for SS16.

FIVE: I told you about Estée Lauder’s Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Makeup when it launched, but since then my love has grown in gigantic leaps and bounds. Its powers have strongly come to the fore during winter, as it really does brighten and perfect the complexion in a very natural, glowy-but-not-greasy type of way. Bonus: it comes in 22 shades so there’s bound to be one that suits you.

Makeup Favourites Irish Beauty Blogger Emma Fluff Fripperies

SIX:  Yep, Chanel makes the list twice and if you’re a long-time reader there’ll be no surprises there! The brand’s lipsticks are so, so good and their simple elegance never fails to make me feel just a little bit fancy. When I’m not wearing a red or nude lip I can pretty much guarantee I’ll be rocking this baby: Chanel Rouge Coco in Roussy is a flattering and cheerful luminous pink with a gorgeous sheen;  it makes even my winter-ravaged mouth look quite juicy and smooth.

Did any of your favourites make this list? Anything you reckon really should have? Go on and share all in the comments – and happy new year, y’all! Let’s make it one to remember.

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