10 December 2015

The Perfect Male Accessory: Mr Fluff Recommends


Tis the season for gift guides and if you’re after some inspiration for the man in your life, keep reading for some thoughts from Mr. Fluff. 

Unless his name is Mr. T the only jewellery a gentleman should wear is a watch (and perhaps, a wedding ring).  As such one should put a bit of thought into what goes on your wrist and, if you’re lucky enough to have several time pieces, into which to wear for each occasion.

Sadly I don’t have a cabinet full of vintage Rolexs (Rolexes?!) or even a drawer full of old Casios but I do have a couple of watches I like to swap around from time to time (ha!).  However, until Jord very kindly asked me to try out one of their rather beautiful wooden wristwatches, I didn’t realise what a gap there was in my wardrobe (well, bedside table) for such a unique item.


The watch arrived in an attractive wooden box containing the time piece fastened around a small pillow.  As you submit the sizing measurements yourself via the Jord website I had been slightly concerned about whether it would sit on my wrist properly but there was no need to worry.  The instructions couldn’t be simpler and the fit was perfect.


The style I selected was the Koa and Black from the limited addition Dover series ($295), a medium to light wood for the strap and outer face with a black ring where the numbers sit.  The first two things you notice when you put this unique watch on is just how light it is, you really can’t feel it at all, along with the high level of craftsmanship involved in its creation.


The wood feels luxurious and smooth and, with the Dover series, I particularly love how you can see the intricate inner workings of the ‘gears’ moving away beneath the face.  I of course have no idea what they’re doing but it looks impressive!

As a piece of jewellery a wooden watch lends itself well to all manner of occasions, especially those that are a little more casual - the natural materials make it an obvious pairing for the great outdoors. But don’t worry if for you that means a beer garden - you’ll still look great!


Finally if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd this could be just the watch for as you’ll find that a wooden watch attracts lots of compliments for both its stylish design and unique appearance.

There's a full women's range too so check them out - would you wear a wooden watch?

Still looking for inspiration? I still stand over all the ideas in my gift guide for men, here. Unique Watch

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