05 November 2015

L'Oreal Pro Fiber Hair Repair Programme: I'm Sold!

L'Oreal Pro Fiber hair repair treatment programme

Do you have hair? Then you’re going to want to read this post, because L’Oreal’s Pro Fiber is pretty impressive stuff. It’s a repairing treatment that targets damaged hair, but – and here’s the clever bit – you can recharge it at home, extending the effects for long-lasting results. And it works: I started the programme in mid-October and have noticed a genuine difference in how my hair looks and feels.

I know I’m not alone in worrying about damage to my hair. I try to restrict heat styling but my new-found love for the ghd, not to mention repeated colouring and relatively frequent sun exposure, can all leave it feeling dry, brittle and prone to breakage. That’s where Pro Fiber comes in.

L'Oreal Pro Fiber hair repair treatment programme

I’ll start with the science bit:  a new technology (7 years of research, 7 patents pending!)  that enables the treatment to penetrate the hair from the inside out.  The magic starts in-salon, where your stylist will assess the condition of your hair, and advise which of the product lines will suit you best.

With three ranges – Revive, Restore and Recover - designed for light, medium and heavy damage to the hair, Pro Fiber is designed to work for all hair-types.  I was prescribed the Revive range, and an intense treatment was applied – which, as you can tell by my unbearably smug grin, worked instant wonders. We’re talking super smooth and shiny hair that looks in tip-top condition.

L'Oreal Pro Fiber hair repair treatment programme

But I’ve often walked out of the salon on cloud nine, with swishy hair and a giant smile, just to fall back to earth with a bump once I’ve washed it myself.  And that’s where things get really interesting: the at-home products allow you to prolong and recharge the salon effect, when you wash it yourself.

I’ve used the shampoo and conditioner with each wash, followed by the hair serum while my hair’s still wet. And on every 4th wash, I switch the conditioner for a vial of re-charging treatment  (one word of warning: rinse thoroughly!). The result has been shinier, healthier hair, with minimum effort or fuss - and the products smell gorgeous, too. I'm sold!

You’ll find Pro Fiber at L'Oreal salons nationwide (I got mine at Style Club);  the price depends on individual salons but should be in or around the €30 mark. The products range from €15.99 for the (75ml) shampoo, €17.99 for the conditioner, €21.99 for the mask and €17.99 for the leave in products.

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