17 November 2015

Clinique Turnaround Revitalizing Skincare: A Winner for Softer, Clearer Skin

Clinique's Turnaround range is exactly what my skin’s been waiting for. Prone to clogged pores, breakouts around my chin and a general dullness, my skin is a lazy exfoliator and needs constant encouragement to shed dead skin cells and leave fresher, newer cells in their place.

To combat this, I use a lot of AHAs in my skincare routine but, as my skin is also prone to pigmentation, I have to be very careful about sun damage. The Turnaround range offers a milder alternative: the products boost the skin’s natural cell renewal, which can be slowed down by factors like stress, fatigue and environmental aggressors.

The serum – from €47 -  is lovely: it contains a mix of exfoliants including lactobionic and salicylic acids, along with anti-aging ingredients and anti-irritants, making it suitable for all skin types including sensitive. It’s also lightweight, fragrance free and leaves my skin feeling slightly mattified – which I like a lot – and I’m using it morning and night.

There’s a day and a night moisturiser in the range and, while I generally use one product for both jobs, I’m really enjoying these; they’re very different, and perform completely different jobs. The daytime cream, €38, is nice and light and contains plenty of skin-enhancing optics to give skin an instant radiance boost. My sallow skin can look very dull and drained, especially when I’m tired, and this gives a healthy looking glow to counteract that.

In contrast, the Overnight Revitalizing Moisturiser is a very rare beast: it’s a thicker and more luxurious feeling cream that doesn’t clog up my oily t-zone, but leaves my skin feeling smooth and velvety soft. Like all the products in the range, this has re-texturising benefits, encourages cell renewal and feels very nourishing too.  At €52, it's the most expensive product in the range - but it's also my favourite, and where I'd encourage you to start if you're buying the products yourself; I know I'm lucky to get samples, but I'll definitely repurchase.

Finally, as an added boost, I’ve been using the Turnaround Revitalizing Instant Facial, €46, as an added boost: it combines chemical and manual exfoliation and, in just five minutes, leaves my skin looking and feeling soft, refreshed and more even-toned.

I’m incredibly pleased with how these products are performing for me. I feel like my skin looks healthier and more energised, and breakouts are greatly diminished. Plus, there’s enough moisture to keep my dehydrated skin plumped up, happy and flake-free,

The range also includes a treatment oil, €38, which you can read about here, and all products are on counter now. Have you tried anything from the Turnaround range?

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