08 September 2015

L'Occitane Cédrat For Men: Mr Fluff Recommends (and Mrs Fluff has been nicking!)

L'Occitane Cedrat Cologne Review

L’Occitane en Provence is a brand I keep coming back to for what I would guess would be classed as every day luxury.  OK so I appreciate that a €14 shower gel would not be every day for most people but, as I’m sure the discerning readers of Fluff and Fripperies will know, there are considerably more expensive options out there should you have the spare cash in your not so grubby paws.

Anyhoo, the products to me feel high class and very French (a good thing!) while at the same time in no way flash or too ‘night out’.  Top quality while at the same time to be enjoyed not saved for another day.

The new men’s range just out, Cedrat, is no exception; I was given the shower gel and eau de toilette to try out, both of which (as you would know if, like me, you googled what a Cedrat is) have a citrusy fragrance at heart.

The shower gel is a two-in-one body and hair wash, which feels and smells energising when applied, handy for the Irish summer we’ve just ‘enjoyed’. Not having much hair, I can’t really comment on how well the gel washes it - but my head, and body, feel really fresh after showering with Cedrat.

For a scent to liven up and become perceptible it needs heat: from the hot Mediterranean sun, a flickering candle in a Michelin star restaurant, the passionate embrace of a lover… or, perhaps more easily found of a morning, the steam from your shower.  I find that just after showering is one of the best times to apply fragrance since the skin is still warm, allowing the scent to settle nicely. 

This cologne opens with a rush of fresh, zesty lemon but, over a short period of time, the warm and woody notes will make themselves known, lifting it above the one million citrus-by-numbers fragrances on the market today.  Overall this is a lovely, versatile scent which will see you right whether it’s 10am by the pool or 10pm by the bar. (And it smells pretty great on us girls, too - Emma

So men folks, it might be raining outside your window but splash a bit of this on your kissable bits and who knows: your day might just brighten up…

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