09 September 2015

ghd Platinum Styler: Review and Pictures

ghd platinum styler review

We all have that one bit of our beauty regime that we routinely neglect. Call it laziness, call it low-maintenance, call it sheer ineptitude or call it what you will, but I have never been any good at styling my own hair. I’m a wash and go type of gal, relying on texturisers and styling creams to coax my wavy hair hair into any semblance of shape or style.

But I’ve been getting braver. First, I experimented with heated rollers, the gateway product to harder-core haircare. Delighted with the results, I turned my hand to the instyler, and found this great for a more done but still quite casual style. And more recently, I’ve been playing with the ghd platinum styler, which could be my favourite hair tool yet.

ghd platinum styler review

I grew up hearing that straighteners were damaging to your hair, and as my ends tend to be dry, I left well enough alone. The platinum model is different, promising not only to actively protect your hair, but to improve its condition in terms of health and shine.  And anyway, this isn’t technically a straightener, it’s a styler – so you can use it to achieve waves and curls as well as silky straight hair.

There’s lots of tech talk in the press release that came with my straighteners: tri-zone technology is the key, apparently, to healthier hair.  This means that there are three sensors in each plate, which ensure they stay at the optimum temperature for styling without damage, while a unique hinge mechanism ensures the plates stay perfectly aligned throughout styling (which means your hair stays in place, with less damage). The upshot of all this? We’re talking a reduction in breakage by over 50% and a 20% increase in shine.

ghd platinum styler review

This is my first ghd, so I can’t testify as to any changes – nor have I noticed any significant changes in the condition of my hair, good or bad. What I will say is that I can actually use this – with relative ease – and that I’m significantly smug about my DIY do. Sure it’s almost as sleek as the slick little tool is itself.

At €215, the ghd platinum is a steep enough investment (is it too early to talk Christmas wish list?), but as hair stylers go, it’s a keeper (you can find it here). Have you tried this, or are you tempted?

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