24 September 2015

Essence Gel Nail Polishes: Just Buy 'Em Already!

Essence Gel Nail Polishes

I’m inching my way into autumn and so far the only place it’s made an impact on my beauty routine is on my nails.  Greys and murky blue/greens have really been floating my boat and I’m especially loving these stunners from essence and their gel nail polish line.

Now essence has a whole ‘gel nail polish system’ going on which basically involves a gel base and gel top coat to sandwich the polish together. I’m pretty sure I have these somewhere but my beauty stash is less than organised after the recent move, so I’ve been slapping these on with any old base and/or top coat and – shock horror! – in some (ok most) instances with neither. I know - #badbeautyblogger.

Essence Gel Nail Polishes

But here’s the thing: these polishes still perform brilliantly! A combination of the nice wide brush, ergonomically designed bottles and seriously good formula mean we’re talking easy application, smooth coverage, and a long-lasting finish.

We’re not quite talking actual gel nail wear-time, but we’re also not talking the need to faff about with a UV light, and these polishes come right off with your regular remover. Throw a whopping 42 great shades and four different finishes into the mix, remind ourselves that these are a teeny tiny €1.79*, and it all adds up to one of the best nail polish offerings on the market today. Fact.

Tried 'em? Thoughts?

*Even cheaper than the €2.49 I thought they were!

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