01 September 2015

Benefit They're Real Mascara and Push-Up Liner in Beyond Blue

Benefit They're Real Mascara and Push-Up Liner in Beyond Blue

I have a confession to make: I was a teensy bit scared of trying Benefit’s They’re Real Push-Up liner, so I’ve shamefully procrastinated when it comes to putting the brand’s new full colour line-up through its paces.

Earlier this summer, the brand expanded its They’re Real franchise to include two new shades of mascara, in brown and blue, and four new hues of their push-up gel liner: Beyond Green, Beyond Brown, Beyond Purple and Beyond Blue.

Fans of the original black mascara – and there are tonnes of us, it’s the number one best seller on the planet – will be thrilled as the new shades utilise the same brush and formula as we’re used to, and have the same impressive staying power (so impressive that Benefit released a special remover, just so we could get the stuff off).

Benefit They're Real Mascara and Push-Up Liner in Beyond Blue

The liner is fairly innovative: a gel liner in push-up pencil form, the nib has been designed to allow the gel to hug the lash line for an effortless, opaque line. I’ve been told that the liner takes a little practice – so of course I decided to lash it on before a night out, with only minutes to spare.

Now like lots of women, I love a winged-eye look but struggle to get my flicks on fleek; they’re generally a smidgeon wobbly and uneven, but I’ve learned to live with it. And while my first attempt with They’re Real Push Up liner in Beyond Blue was hardly perfect, I was pretty darned pleased with how easy it was to create the winged-out shape: just turn the nib on its side, stamp down, then thicken up the line.

I ended up with at least half the product on my hand, having clicked it about 86 million times before the gel appeared, and I could have done with watching this handy little video below, but you know what? Colour me impressed.

I love the shade of blue, which feels modern and fresh without being too loud (especially teamed with this fab orange lippy) and both the mascara and liner lasted all night without smudging or flaking. You’ll need an oil-based remover to get ‘em off – I used Eve Lom’s cleanser and it worked a charm, but I’ll be investing in Benefit’s They’re Real remover soon.

Both products are on counter now: the mascara is €26; the liner, €25. Are you a They’re Real fan and have you checked these newbies out?

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