21 August 2015

Zeba Hairdressing South William Street: Review

Zeba Hairdressing South William Street

I laughed the first time I heard J-Lo use the term bronde on that telly ad. Ridiculous, I thought – and about two weeks later, found myself booking a salon appointment to be bronded myself. Yeah, I’m susceptible like that.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know I’ve been going lighter – and shorter – for over a year now. This was originally to help mask the multiplying greys, and give me more time between salon visits.  However, my hair doesn’t really behave when it’s lightened: it has a tendency to look too brassy or, when we try to tone that down, too ashy – and neither really suit my skin-tone.

The team at Zeba understood my hair dilemma. I went to the South William street salon in Dublin (there’s two more in Maynooth and Sandymount) where they explained that my current colour was too similar to my skintone. I needed to go a little darker all over, and then add in lighter tones with some highlights – so bronde it was.

Zeba Hairdressing South William Street:

I’m really pleased with the result; several weeks after my appointment, I’m still the happiest I’ve been with my colour in an age. The highlights are definitely warmer than the caramel I’d envisioned but I like it anyway, and I think it’s a bit more of a grown-up-lady look than the ombre I’ve rocked in the past.

And the Zeba experience is lovely: the salon stretches over multiple floors and feels modern and airy and bright. The vibe is friendly and relaxed but professional; everyone knows what they’re doing, and they’re doing it well. I’m an awful wagon for mixing it up with my hairdressers, but I’ll be back here soon for my cut.

You can check out Zeba’s pricing online but keep an eye on their Facebook page too, where they regularly post special offers. Fluff and Fripperies was a guest of the salon.

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