05 August 2015

Lancome Shine Lover: Bright Lips For Bright-Lip-Fearties!

Lancome Shine Lover Lipstick O My Rouge 120 Review

I could ramble on for hours about the transformative powers of a bright lip and, on many occasions, I probably have. But bright doesn’t have to mean in-your-face, especially with the newer breed of lighter, sheerer and more translucent lipstick formulas.

LancĂ´me’s research showed that enhancing lip colour by just one tone can enhance and illuminate the whole complexion. Enter the Shine Lover range, designed to give your skin a lift by dressing your lips in sheer but radiant colour.

Lancome Shine Lover Lipstick O My Rouge 120 Review

With rich pigments in a translucent base, these have lovely luminosity and feel nice and comfortable on the lips; they’re not sticky at all, which is great for the (allegedly) warmer summer months – mine came away with me to Spain. They are also, contrary to what the name suggests, not overly shiny; there's a soft sheen, which I much prefer to a high gloss finish.

In the past, the flipside with this type of formula has been lasting power – or lack thereof. These are different: the shades melt into the natural colour of your lips so you end up with a pretty stain, that lasts.

Available in a range of soft nudes, bright pinks and reds – the one I was given is #120, O my rouge – these are lovely for a hint of brightness that won’t take over your face. They’re easy to wear, pleasingly packaged, come in 20 shades and, while they're not quite up there in lip balm territory, there's enough hydrating ingredients in them (rose bush oil, hyaluronic acid) to justify the €26 price-tag, I reckon. I’m liking them a lot.

Have you tried ‘em? Thoughts?

*Feartie is a Scottish term for, well, someone who's afraid. 

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