12 August 2015

6 Tips to Avoid Embarrassment on Snapchat

Ok, so Snapchat has been popular with the youth for ever but it seems to have exploded in Ireland in recent weeks and months (personally, I blame Karen). Nadia has an excellent guide to Snapchat and Karen’s video is a must-watch for newbies like myself, but in my, ooh, about 4 days using and becoming entirely addicted to the app (find me @fluffyblog!) I also have a few tips to impart, which will hopefully save you some blushes.

1. Avoid placing your finger over the microphone of your phone while you are talking. 10 seconds of you silently mouthing while gesticulating wildly is probably less adorable than you might think.

2. If you are late and have made up some sort of feasible excuse, do not put the real reason on Snapchat if your colleagues and friends can see it. People have surprisingly little sympathy for ‘my kitten is so cute in the mornings that I just couldn’t leave her’. Stick to ‘traffic, sigh’.

3. Do not watch hilarious people like James Kavanagh (jameskava) in situations where uncontrollable laughing fits and/or practising ‘present yo’self’ (just follow him already) might prove tricky to explain. Work meetings and public toilets are two examples. On a similar vein, if you are going to open Snapchat in the office, for the love of all that's sacred, PLUG IN YOUR HEADPHONES FIRST.

4. Do not drunk snap. Yes it will disappear from your story in 24 hours, but under certain circumstances, 24 hours is a VERY long time.

5. Or if you simply MUST, try to do so only when other people are also likely to be drunk and therefore more receptive: 11.45pm on a Saturday night is probably fine, 7.45 am on a Monday morning less so.

6. Try not to accidentally expose your buttocks, drying underwear or secret One Direction poster on your story.  If you want to intentionally expose any of these things then of course, go for it.  Except maybe save your buttocks for your private snaps.

Any tips of your own? Please leave them in the comments because I need ALL of the help I can get!

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