15 July 2015

Veneers from MyDental: The best beauty decision I ever made

Teeth are so often the final beauty frontier. So many of us are unhappy with our gnashers and yet so many of us procrastinate about fixing up our smile – whether it’s fear of the dentist’s chair, fear of the bill, or fear of a long and drawn out process. I hated the idea of those things too – but I hated my front teeth even more, and so I jumped at the chance of a mouth makeover from MyDental.

Left: my delighted (and make-up free) mug immediately after the veneers went on. Top right: before, and bottom, after. 

My front teeth have always been a bugbear: despite whitening (which I wrote about here), they’re still discoloured (my fondness for caffeine and curry and red wine may play a part), and the composite fillings have become more obvious and worn-looking with age. To top it all off, a gap had appeared in latter years which seemed to become more evident day by day, as my gums naturally receded with age. And sometimes, when I talked, I whistled through the gap.

For years I’ve been thinking about porcelain veneers. I’ve done a lot of research, had several consultations and compared prices both here in Ireland and the UK. At €450 per veneer for four veneers, the quote from MyDental was considerably cheaper than anywhere else - less than half the price, in several cases, and payment plans are also available (which you can check out on their site). As it transpired, I was lucky - and grateful - to be treated without charge, which, as I was telling Stellar Magazine, is one of the loveliest things to have happened in my blog life to date.

Dr Carmen at MyDental.ie

I know cheaper doesn't always mean better, but my dentist, Dr Carmen Anastasiu, was never anything but kind, considerate, professional and patient. She talked me through every step of the process and what I could expect: an initial consultation, teeth whitening, impressions, temporary veneers, and finally, a younger-looking and more symmetrical smile.

Now, let’s address the issue of pain and discomfort. I hate visiting the dentist because I have exceptionally sensitive teeth. I was skittish and frightened and tense, but honestly? The worst part was the little pinpricks of anaesthetic which numbed my gums.

I had two sessions where, wearing a very attractive plastic ‘cheek retractor’ throughout, my teeth were first prepped for temporary veneers, and then fitted with the permanents. At both appointments, I could hear (and smell) a lot of drilling and filing - but I couldn’t feel a thing. The only pain I had was in my neck, afterwards, because I’d been tensing myself throughout for something awful that never actually materialised.

The temporaries looked grand in and of themselves –  a bit blocky, but already a big improvement on what came before. I wore them for a couple of weeks while my veneers were being made. But when the permanent veneers were fitted, the difference was amazing. While they look natural – my teeth still look like teeth – and there's still a teensy bit of a gap, the veneers have perfected my smile. It’s brighter and straighter than ever, which has given me incredible confidence; I’m now grinning widely at any and every opportunity.

If you’re considering any type of cosmetic dentistry, I hope this post will help. I would hand on heart recommend MyDental in terms of service, price and quality of work. While veneers are a considerable investment, they’re nowhere near as expensive as I’d thought – and the process was much less uncomfortable and took much less time than I’d imagined, too. This sounds cheesy, but nonetheless, it's true: this treatment has actually changed my life.

MyDental also offer braces, implants, crowns, teeth whitening and more  – there's loads of information, including video testimonials, on their website, or check out what Sinead from The Beautiful Truth had to say about her braces.

Is this something you'd consider? And if you have any questions, just leave them in the comments and I will be more than happy to help,

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