09 July 2015

I've had a #TRESformation and LOVE this affordable, brilliant hair product!

I swear I go through gallons of dry shampoo a week and while it ain’t the most glamorous of beauty products, it’s one I’m always interested in trialling. I’ve had a fair few misses, some spectacular (if card-meltingly expensive) hits and now I’ve tried one that hits the sweet spot for me in just about all areas: price, performance, scent, texture, the whole damn kit and caboodle.  And it’s by none other than Tresemmé, a brand I stopped buying back in my teenage years and never really caught up with again – although believe me, that’s gonna change now I’ve found this little wonder.

Emily and I got to experience it first hand at a recent event and we both loved the texture it gave our hair – perfect for styling into an updo or just for creating a little bit of extra volume. There’s no white residue or grey cast on my dark hair either and at €6.49, the price is the cherry on top.  The Tresemmé Root Boosting and Sea Salt Sprays are next on my hit list.  Have you tried this? What’s your go-to dry shampoo?

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