12 May 2015

Love a bright, bold, matte lip? Isadora's got you covered for SS15!

Isadora Twist Up Matte Lipstick Orange Pop Summer 2015

I was lucky enough to spend a second evening in the sarcastic, sometimes sweary and ever delightful company of Isadora’s international makeup artist, Stephan Ulvund Ă˜ien. I’ve picked up so many insider tips from Stephan that they’re getting their own post shortly but, in the meantime, I had to tell you all about my latest lipstick love.

So I liked the brand’s twist-up matte lipsticks when I had a play with them in January - but the shade range, while pretty, was limited to three, all on the more natural side of the shade spectrum. How and ever, in their infinite wisdom, Isadora are launching  three bold, vibrant shades for summer in a zingingly bright orange, pink and red – and this one, Orange Pop (bottom left, above) has totally stolen my heart. (Check out some of my other favourite takes on the juicy lip trend!

I’m a divil for a modern matte lipstick. Not one that sucks the life from the lips and turns them into raisins, but the new generation of creamy, velvety textures that have a flattering, soft-focus type finish but last longer than your average lipstick.

A really good version of a lipstick like this, though, is hard to find on a budget. But for €13.25, this is one of the best examples of the formula that I’ve found. The new shades are intense but feel silky and lightweight, and they hang about for a good four hours on the lips.

And there’s a few other little flourishes with these babies that have immeasurably pleased me, in the way that only a charming new cosmetic item can. Firstly, they’re crayons, and I love crayons, but these are crayons with a slanted tip – so they’re more precise, and you still don’t need a liner. No sharpener is required, which is another plus point, and the caps are colour co-ordinated -  which means less annoying rummage-time when you’re digging around your bag (or bedroom floor.  No judgement here!).

The downside? Isadora – a Swedish brand - can be tricksy to find on our shores, but you can find them in selected Debenhams as well as Shaw’s Department Stores, Sam McAuley chemists and other pharmacies across the country; there’s a full stockist list on their Irish Facebook page.

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