14 May 2015

Bulldog Skincare for Men: Mr Fluff Recommends

Bulldog Skincare for Men Review Fluff and Fripperies Irish Beauty Blog

As regular readers will know I’m rather fond of the more high-end toiletries on the market… when someone else is paying of course! So to my life-long problem: what to do when you have champagne tastes on a lager budget?

Well, when it comes to cheap booze I can highly recommend Aldi, or perhaps Spain, but with skincare I’d previously found a solution far harder to come by. Until those lovely people at Bulldog sent me a few bits to test out, that is…

Bulldog Skincare for Men Review Fluff and Fripperies Irish Beauty Blog
So many men could do with a helping hand...
While it’s highly debatable as to whether or not the more expensive products actually deliver better results, there tends to be a certain something that sets them apart from more affordable brands. Whether it’s the smell, the texture or just a certain je ne sais quoi that allows you to justify spending more on a fancy aftershave balm than you did on your other halves Christmas present (Oi! – Emma). And this, people, is what you normally miss out on when you buy your moisturiser in the local Superboots pharmacy.

But now, after years of struggle, the menfolk can have it all because Bulldog is not only an affordable product range, but doesn’t compromise on the feelings of luxury and quality – not to mention the sense that you might actually be doing your skin some good!  So, let me run through some of the standouts from the range. 

Bulldog Skincare for Men Review Fluff and Fripperies Irish Beauty Blog

Anti-aging Moisturiser: Yeah, yeah, I know: any younger looking and I’ll be getting asked for ID at the cinema, but not even yours truly can expect to retain the fresh faced appearance of a 21 year old forever. Like all the Bulldog products the scent from the moisturiser is light, clean and natural, much like the lotion itself.  The consistency strikes just the right balance, being easily applied and quickly absorbed into the skin. As for how old I look after using, maybe ask Mrs Fluff in a couple of weeks…

Eye Roll On: This product really grabbed my attention as while I do have a number of eye creams, all from designer names, rarely do I bother to use them - to be honest, I find them a bit fiddly and a pain.  Not so this handy wee tube, which allows you to apply the serum effortlessly with the added bonus that the metal roller feels quite soothing on your skin.

Bulldog Skincare for Men Review Fluff and Fripperies Irish Beauty Blog
Jumping for joy! 
Face Scrub: While Clinique wouldn’t be my overall number one brand of choice, their face scrub is one of the best out there and Bulldog’s, at a third of the price remember, is every bit as good.  The paste like consistency feels solid and is perfect for exfoliating away those old dead skin cells once or twice a week.   

Shower Gel: To bring all these products together I’d highly recommend getting your hands on the shower gel; the signature Bulldog scent is lovely and high end and you’re going to want it all over you, not just on your face.  I’m guessing the reason for the lack of chemical scent is probably the, er, lack of synthetic chemicals throughout the range, with all products containing  essential oils along with other natural, animal friendly ingredients.

So, come Christmas or your birthday, if your family and friends are a bit scabby and ignore your request for the new Tom Ford moisturiser don’t fret too much, Bulldog will sort you out.  Only thing is, now I’ve no excuse for getting Mrs Fluff something on the cheap … if only they had a women’s range!

Find Bulldog online with free worldwide delivery here. 

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