29 April 2015

Bog Standard: Basic Luxury From Ireland

Bog Standard Field Scented Candle

The best thing I took away from the (Not So) Ideal Homeshow exhibition? A subscription to Image Interiors – and the excellent subscription gift, a bag of fragranced Irish Bog Standard goodies.
The punnily named Bog Standard line is anything but: the products – from candles to soaps, sachets, fresheners and diffusers - are inspired by and created in Ireland, and attempt to capture real Irish scents like moss, hedgerows, linen and the sea.

After sniffing everything on offer, I walked away with the Field candle, lit it that evening and promptly fell in love. This smells of country meadows and fresh cut grass with a little hint of wildflowers; the scent is fresh and clean and delicious, evocative of endless childhood summers and those long, languorous, sun-kissed days.

The candle burns really cleanly and has excellent throw – it scents the whole top half of the house, without being strong or overpowering. I’m susceptible to headaches and am picky about my candles; this one definitely passes muster.

Priced from €9.95, these make for an affordable way to get your scented candle fix; along with La Bougie, another homegrown brand I love, Bog Standard have earned a permanent place in my affections - and more importantly, on my bedside table.

At the time of writing, they’re on sale for €7.95 here.

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