16 March 2015

Chanel Rouge Coco Relaunch; Roussy Review, Pics, Swatches

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick Roussy

Did ya miss me? Last week was the first without any scheduled content in the four and a bit years I've been beauty blogging; real life got in the way but to make it up to you, I'm back with the most glorious of tidings - about lipstick! And not just any old lipstick: we're talking the loveliest, most luxurious and most effortless of formulas; the stuff that makes you smile when you spot it in your handbag. Mmhmm, that's right friends - we're talking Chanel.

Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick Relaunch

So what's new? Well, Friday saw the relaunch of the brand's Rouge Coco line, which has been entirely revamped with an emphasis on hydration. Soft and creamy, the new formula is really lovely and comfortable to wear, delivering a finish that's lightweight and luminous, with a gel-like consistency and sheen. One swipe and even my dried out, post-illness lips looked juicy and plumped up; this stuff is good.

Whatever your preference, the 24-strong range will have you covered: choose from nudes, reds, rosewoods, oranges, plums and pinks, all named after Mademoiselle's close friends, muses and loves.  This one, Roussy, is perfect for spring: a bright, warm pink creme that magically brightens up my complexion.

Chanel Roussy Rouge Coco Review and Swatches

It's the type of shade that is effortless and elegant, but also cheering and fun. While it feels balm-like and emollient, coverage is good - satiny and semi-opaque - and I got about four hours wear-time (but when a lipstick looks this good, topping up is a pleasure, not a chore).  It applies beautifully, too; straight from the bullet, with no need for a liner.

The new Rouge Coco lipsticks are €32.50 each and on counter now. I have my eye on Coco, a vibrant orangey red; will you be checking them out?

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