11 February 2015

Oskia Skincare Renaissance Cleanser and Mask Review

Oskia Renaissance Cleanser and Mask

These days I get way more excited about a great skincare product than I do a beautiful item of makeup. The reason? The former is harder to find – especially as I get older, and require more and more from my products. So discovering Oskia Skincare was one of the best things that happened to me last year

I do love a good back story and Oskia has a great one. The brand came about after the founder, Georgie Cleeves, used a joint supplement called MSM – originally used to treat horses– to recover from severe knee injuries.  In the process, her eczema entirely vanished, a discovery which ultimately led to the formation of one of the most innovative skincare brands around. 

Oskia Renaissance Cleanser and Mask

You can read lots more about this ingredient on the website, along with the other powerful actives that they use, so I’m going to leave the science stuff there and share my experiences of the products. In the months that I’ve used it, the Renaissance Cleansing Gel has replaced Liz Earle’s cult Cleanse & Polish as my HG cleanser. It’s beautiful: a non-foaming, velvety gel-to-oil formula that melts into the skin, smells amazing, takes off all my make-up and leaves my skin feeling incredibly nourished, soft and smooth. The best thing? It’s suitable for all skin-types, and while skincare is so subjective, I would feel confident recommending this to just about anyone. 

And I'm equally besotted with the Renaissance mask. Designed to increase cell turnover and boost radiance, it's an exfoliating product that, while gentle, is best avoided if you have sensitive skin. On my combination skin, though, it’s a total winner: it helps to keep the problem areas around my chin and jawline clear, while leaving my complexion looking smoother and brighter - and it smells every bit as lovely as the cleanser.  I use it as a weekly treat, and it has made a definite difference to the overall condition of my skin. 

The Super 16 Serum (that's it pictured above) may be my next skincare splurge; I'm really interested in the retinol-alike ingredient Bakuchiol, which makes some big claims about reversing signs of skin damage and helping to normalise problem complexions.  

Are you a fan of the brand? 

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