17 February 2015

Lightening Up at Hession Hairdressing

Hessions Hairdressing Drumcondra Review

So I’ve been at my hair again. I couldn’t help it; sure it needed a trim and I was just SO BORED with the colour; it’s been an all over neutral dark brown for an age. So I found myself in the chair again, this time at Hessions in Drumcondra – an excellent salon that I sometimes forget about, as they’re not in the city centre, but that’s actually very handy indeed for us Northsiders (they also have a salon in Clontarf).

Hessions Hairdressing Drumcondra Review
Top right - after first visit; bottom right, the final result!

I decided to go lighter, and it was a decision not solely based on boredom but on practicality, too. My birthday this week heralds a departure from my mid-30s and my roots are a dead giveaway. I have an irritating amount of greys – enough to look messy, not enough to go grey gracefully – and the darker my hair is, the more they stand out. 

Hessions Hairdressing Drumcondra Review

An added complication though is the fact that I don’t enjoy warmth in my hair and – as the dream team of Karen and Sharon in Hessions pointed out – when you lighten very dark hair, you get warmth. It’s almost unavoidable. I took the plunge anyway and - as I’d been warned - it took two visits to get the colour I wanted.  My hair was lightened all over with balayage applied, freehand, through the tips.  On my second visit, the copper and gold tones were cooled down, and an ashy all-over toner applied. I’m delighted with the final result; I feel it’s quite flattering with my skintone -  and it should soften the look of those pesky grey roots. I’ll keep you posted! 

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