19 February 2015

Acid Skincare: Four Favourite Beauty Products To Try

Acid Skincare Favourite Beauty Products

Acid skincare has been one of the biggest beauty trends in recent years. Caroline Hirons and her devotees (and I count myself among their numbers) are partly responsible, along with a beauty industry that’s responding to market demands. Because the times they are a-changing, and so are our requirements from our skincare. Due to all manner of social and environmental factors we’re as likely to be breaking out in our 30s as we were in our teens, and along with fine lines and wrinkles we’re also concerned about issues like pigmentation and uneven skintone. Which is where acid skincare comes in…
The acids in question are generally alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs - exfoliating acids that can be naturally derived from sugar cane (glycolic acid), fruit (citric acid) or milk (lactic acid), and can also be synthetically created.  They encourage cellular turnover, which means they smooth away dead cells and re-texturise the skin, leading to a fresher and brighter complexion. Oh, and they can also diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Are you starting to get the appeal?

I’ve seen first-hand the benefits of these products on my spot-prone, combination skin; here are four I would recommend to choose from if you’d like to give acids a go. 
  • The toner…the Nimue Skin Conditioner tonic can be swept on after cleansing to improve the texture and the clarity of the skin. With AHAs, tea tree oil and essential oil, this is a great pick for oily to combination skin and doesn’t irritate my prone-to-sensitivity complexion. 
  • The facial pads… I bought these First Aid Beauty pads on the recommendation of Ms Hirons herself (see what else she recommended) and am on to my second batch. These are gentle enough for everyday use by all skin types, but leave skin glowing and bright. On convenience alone, they can't be beat.   
  • The night treatment...such is my love for Alpha H Liquid Gold that this is the 5th or 6th bottle I’ve bought. You use it on alternate evenings after cleansing, in place of all other serums, lotions or creams. Simple and effective, I credit this with dramatically improving my skin. 
  • The cleanser…Neostrata Foaming Glycolic Face Wash. A word of caution: this stuff is strong – don’t jump straight into daily use. Incorporate it gradually to acclimatise your skin; use once every other day, and build up as needed. I reserve it for times when my skin is especially trying, but (for me) it’s too much on an everyday basis. 
Note that you must use a daily SPF if you choose to incorporate acids into your skincare routine. No excuses. I’ve included some suggestions below. 

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