30 December 2014

Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Face Mask

Right now my skin is definitely showing the excesses of the season: not enough sleep and way too much of everything else is literally written all over my face.  So as I wind down from Christmas but gear up towards Hogmanay (I’m celebrating in Scotland after all), I’m trying to redress the damage through liberal application of product. Moderation can wait till January (I’m celebrating in Scotland after all). 

Origins’s Mega Mushroom range has been created by Dr Andrew Weil to boost resilience in even the most sensitive skin.  The products are gentle and soothing and this face mask targets redness, blotchiness and reactivity – tick, tick and tick.  The formula was updated this summer so that all products contain a cocktail of naturally-derived ingredients to soothe stressed out skin. 

The mask feels lovely and creamy and is intended to support the skin’s protective barrier, to help defend against environmental and emotional stress. It’s got all sorts of hydrating goodness to replenish moisture levels in my poor parched skin, is suitable for all skin types and, thankfully, smells not remotely of fungus (or of much else, really, except a sort of mild inoffensive herbiness). 

At €46.50 it’s not cheap, but I find it great for this time of year: just slather it on, leave for ten minutes and wipe off to reveal calmer and less irritated skin.  

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