09 December 2014

Gift Guide: The Loveliest Watch Of All

Daniel Wellington watches

These days, you don’t need one to be punctual – but a good watch is far more than a timepiece. It’s a style statement: an indicator that the wearer respects quality and tradition and craftsmanship. And let’s face it, it looks damned good on the wrist (this is especially true for the menfolk, watches being one of the few accessories marketed to the grown-up male, poor lambs).

Thus, in the season of gift guides, I would be remiss not to highlight what I hand-on-heart believe is the loveliest watch brand ever.  Stylish, classic and timeless – but not boring – a Daniel Wellington watch will look good on every wrist.

Daniel Wellington Watch

The clean, elegant Scandi-design centres around a large(ish) watchface (40 mm wide for men, 36 mm for women), and a choice of slim, interchangeable leather or canvas straps.  The leather is a more formal choice, while the canvas has a preppy feel and is perfect for more casual occasions or attire.  This one is the classic St. Andrews in rose gold; all designs are also offered in silver. 

They’re very well-made, making them a lovely thing to give or receive, but also one that should hopefully last a lifetime (which cannot be said of the latest electronic gizmo). But they are also, crucially, very well priced - between £119 and £179, depending on your choice of design. 

The holiday offer includes 50% off any canvas strap when you buy a leather watch – plus free gift wrapping; check out the website for more.  Is this something you or yours would love to open on Christmas morning? 

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