25 November 2014

Rituals Bath and Bodycare: Brand Spotlight

Rituals is a really lovely Dutch beauty brand that flies beneath the radar here in Ireland - probably because they don't do much PR on our fair shores. But if you're looking for bath and bodycare products that feel decidedly high-end, without the associated price tag, this is definitely a brand to check out; I'd liken them to L'Occitane or Origins, but at a more affordable price point.

They do everything from skincare to makeup and herbal tea but, after stocking up recently, I thought I'd highlight a couple of my favourites. The shower foams are brilliant; they come out like a clear gel which lathers up on contact with water. I've tried the citrussy Happy Buddha and am currently using Diwali (warm and spicy); both smell amazing, feel luxurious and leave your skin feeling silky soft.

The shower oils are another genius product; this is a brand that really understands the importance of sensorial textures. They turn into a light, luxurious foam; Fortune Oil is my favourite (I wrote about it here) and, if anything, the oils are even more skin-softening than the foams.

I also stockpiled face-cloths, hand wash, mint tea and a mini eye makeup remover (that's the little pink bottle in the photos), all of which I'd recommend. The Hammam Olive Secret shower paste is interesting - it smells incredibly refreshing and enlivening - but I'm kicking myself I didn't pick up the matching scrub. That's one that's going on my Christmas list.

The gift sets, candles and room diffusers are also good bets for Christmas - whether that's giving or getting - and there's plenty to keep the menfolk happy; at the rate we're getting through our stash, it's clear that Mr Fluff's enamoured, too!

Arnotts stock the brand, and it's been spotted in some of the Marks and Spencer beauty halls; you can also order from Feel Unique or directly online and (at the time of writing) enjoy free shipping, as a bonus.  Are you a fan?

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